Quavo And Takeoff Seemingly Address The ‘Messy’ Rumors About Saweetie And Offset

Things are getting messier amid the rumored Migos split. Quavo and Takeoff have just released their new album, “Only Built For Infinity Links,” and on it is a song called “Messy.”

On “Messy,” Quavo seems to address the rumors that Saweetie had an affair with former Migo, Offset.

“B*tch f*cked my dog behind my back but I ain’t stressing / You wanted the gang you should’ve just said that, we would’ve blessed you,” raps Quavo.

Both Offset and his wife, Cardi B, have shut those rumors down, however, Quavo doesn’t seem to be convinced.

Quavo and Takeoff previewed the song earlier this week, and while some fans believe he is subliminally referring to Saweetie, others have said that Quavo is simply milking the rumors as a marketing technique.

“The reality of that Saweetie situation is most likely, Quavo is being spiteful and capitalizing on a social media rumor,” said one Twitter user, “because he don’t fuck with Saweetie or Offset anymore and it’s creating traction for that song.”

Check out “Messy” above.

Only Built For Infinity Links is out now via Quality Control Music Group/Motown Records. Stream it here.

Saweetie and Cardi B are Warner Music artists. .