Russ Promises To ‘Satisfy’ A Lover On A Tongue-In-Cheek Ballad

Indie rap stalwart Russ’s new single “Satisfy” sounds like it should be a love song, with its tender guitar chords and downtempo crooning. In reality, though, it’s more of a sex anthem, featuring explicit lyrics right out of an adult video description. The contrast more amusingly cheeky than it is sensuous, but with Russ, the distinction between the two moods has always been more of a suggestion than a hard line in the sand. The video accompanying the single throws soft lighting across the outspoken artist as he performs in what looks like a cave.

Russ’s raunchy descriptions of his sexual activities may read more like a sext than a hit single, but as he’s been on an emotional roll lately, his shift into slightly porn-y subject matter might come as a welcome turn. Prior New Music Friday releases have included much more serious material like the hopeful “Lucky,” the romantic duet “Private” with Rexx Life Raj, and the melancholy “Bankrupt,” so it’s nice to hear him nodding to the more — ahem — enjoyable aspects of relationships. Still, another boastful track like “Ugly” with Lil Baby or “Status” probably wouldn’t go amiss in future weeks. With Russ, all possibilities are on the table, a testament to his versatility and willingness to push himself.

Watch Russ’s “Satisfy” video above.