Sada Baby Expresses His Distaste For Female Rappers With OnlyFans Pages

Despite a recent wave of female talent currently washing over the rap game in the form of Cardi B, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Rico Nasty, and more, many women in the game have continued to note double standards about their place in hip-hop persisting in the face of their success. In a prime example, burgeoning Detroit rap star Sada Baby recently went on an NBA Draft disappointment-fueled rant disparaging female rappers who switched careers from more adult-oriented industries to rhyme about sexually explicit themes instead of living them.

“And just ’cause I’m in a f*cked-up mood, I’ma put it on the flo’,” he began. “B*tch, if you known for f*ckin’ pornos and all that type of sh*t, f*ck yo music! Ain’t nobody takin’ you seriously as no motherf*ckin’ artist. Care ’bout none of that sh*t. B*tch, you known for shakin’ ass, showin’ titties, f*ckin’ OnlyFans all that type of sh*t. Whatever, b*tch. Don’t nobody give a f*ck about recordin’ no motherf*ckin’ music. Be real wit’ yourself.”

While he didn’t specifically name names, there are a number of rappers who may fit the bill, openly professing origins in the sex-work industry. Among them are newcomers like Armani Caesar, Blac Chyna, and Sukihana and established veterans like Cardi B, while OnlyFans has proven to be a worthwhile way to supplement their income, as discovered by Rubi Rose. Meanwhile, Sada Baby makes no mention of rappers like Blueface and Tyga, who both have OnlyFans pages. In fact, the latter rapper even produced his own porn video once upon a time.

Sada Baby recently experienced some online backlash over old, offensive tweets as well after Nicki Minaj’s remix of his underground hit “Whole Lotta Choppas” increased the wattage of the spotlight on him. Perhaps he should curtail his social media usage for the time being, as he’s just on the cusp of blowing up and might very well undermine himself with some of his more controversial comments. Or stick to basketball videos — he’s actually a pretty decent player, although you won’t see him declaring for the NBA Draft himself anytime soon.