The Pulse: All The Best New Albums You Need To Hear This Week

After a lead-up that included a surreal neon press conference, John Mayer jokes, social media videos lambasting the traditional album press cycle, and some exciting new songs, St. Vincent has finally released her fifth studio album, Masseduction. Annie Clark’s record leads a strong week of new releases that also includes an amazing indie collaboration and the return of some hip-hop legends.


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We may never know whose backside that is on the MASSEDUCTION album cover, but we can say that the early returns from the album — which she previously called “the deepest, boldest work I’ve ever done” — are promising. Strong advance tracks like “New York” and “Los Ageless” prove that, in multiple ways, the album is delightfully all over the map.

Beck — Colors

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Beck’s new album Colors was announced all the way back last summer with a trippy lyric video for the song “Wow,” and oh so months later, it’s finally out in the world. He went pretty pop on the single “Up All Night,” but “Wow” is more adventurous than that, so like Beck himself, Colors might be an enigma.

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile — Lotta Sea Lice

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We previously spoke with Barnett and Vile about their new collaborative album, which Vile described as “a folk-rock, kind of organic thing.” Lead single “Over Everything” has wonderfully laid-back vibes, and these two friends from opposite sides of the planet fit together as naturally as old childhood friends.

Wu-Tang Clan — The Saga Continues

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It’s hard to separate Martin Shkreli from the modern Wu-Tang Clan narrative at this point, especially since Wu-Tang roasts him on new track “Lesson Learn’d.” The song is vintage Wu-Tang, though, so there’s real reason to talk about the hip-hop legends beyond their $2 million album.

William Patrick Corgan — Ogilala

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Billy Corgan William Patrick Corgan recently said a Smashing Pumpkins reunion isn’t impossible at this point, but in the meantime, he’s focusing on himself, with his first solo album in twelve years. “Aeronaut” is an elegant ballad and Rick Rubin is producing the record, so there’s a lot of good going on here.

Robert Plant — Carry Fire

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The former Led Zeppelin frontman has teased his eleventh solo album with singles both rocking and folk-leaning, and he says his rich life experiences continue to inform his work: “I feel like a mariner who has spent so much time in so many different ports of call, experiencing so many different adventures and scenarios.”

Gucci Mane — Mr. Davis

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Gucci has been a busy dude in 2017, whether he’s appearing on The Daily Show or becoming a best-selling author. Now he’s back to music with a new album that features a stacked guest list that includes Migos, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and so many others.

DVSN — Morning After

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OVO Toronto R&B duo DVSN announced their new album with a cinematic trailer, and the songs share similar qualities. If single “Mood” is any indication, the rest of Morning After ought to be a sultry and smooth experience filled with head-bobbing and romance.

King Krule — The Ooz

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English indie rock The Ooz is a lot grungier than you’d expect after judging a book by its cover. Singles “Half Man Half Shark” and “Dum Surfer” show that the 23-year-old draws from the alternative edge of the Velvet Underground and the restrained fury of underground punk.

Brent Faiyaz — Sonder Son

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The debut album from Faiyaz borrows heavily from ’90s R&B, which makes sense considering his favorite song is Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor.” Tracks like “Talk 2 U” show that the 22-year-old rapper-turned-singer knows his way around a soulful groove, deftly navigating it with his gorgeous falsetto.