Tyga & Avril Lavigne Are Back Together, Supposedly After ‘Rethinking’ Their Split That Occurred Just Weeks Ago

Tyga and Avril Lavigne sent fans on the Internet into a frenzy back in February after news of their coupling was made public. Meanwhile, Mod Sun fans weren’t too happy about his ex-fiancée moving on. The musicians wasted no time in walking red carpets together or splurging on lavish custom-made gifts for one another. However, after a few short months together, rumors spread in June that the two had split, vowing to remain friends. Well, that was short-lived. According to ET, Tyga, and Lavigne are back together.

The publication’s source sounded off on the matter, saying, “Tyga and Avril are back together after their split. They were still hanging out and talking after their breakup and decided to give things another shot.”

But for now, the pair have agreed to keep their relationship “casual.” According to the source, the reason is that the two could “Focus on enjoying their time together.”

Tyga recently performed at the 2023 BET Awards, but Lavigne, alas, did not attend. However, the two were spotted holding hands while attending an Independence Day celebration at Nobu Malibu in California. Apparently Mod Sun’s recent track addressing his called-off engagement with Lavigne didn’t phase the happy, reunited couple.