All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week, like most, marked a wonderful one for new pop releases. As the fall approaches, many artists on this list are either dropping or building anticipation for a new record. Which means there will be a ton of great tunes to listen to — even if some are brilliantly built on a bad idea. Am I right? Obvious Olivia Rodrigo joke aside, a major theme of these recent pop songs seems to be about relationships in all forms, through the good and the tough times. Even if it’s about encouraging the hottest versions of ourselves.

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Olivia Rodrigo — “Bad Idea Right”

It’s actually Olivia Rodrigo’s summer and we’re all just living in it. With her latest “Bad Idea Right,” Rodrigo ignores her friends’ warnings about reconnecting with an ex, complete with a pop-punk inspired instrumental and an equally-entertaining music video from Petra Collins. Not that it comes as any surprise, but the pop star knows how to perfectly package each of her single drops.

Karol G – “Mi Ex Tenía Razón”

Karol G’s “Mi Ex Tenía Razón” finds her dissing an ex, but also thanking her for allowing her to find someone better. (Many have suspected it’s about her ex Anuel AA and new boyfriend, Feid.) “Dijo que no iba a encontrar uno como él y me llegó uno mejor, que me trata mejor,” she sings.

Rauw Alejandro — “Hayami Hana”

In the wake of Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía ending their engagement, he has dedicated a song to her with “Hayami Hana.” Throughout the track’s run, he addresses the struggles and complications that led to their split while also making it clear that cheating wasn’t a cause.

V — “Love Me Again”

As an early preview from his upcoming album, Layover, BTS’ V proves he can shine just as bright as a solo artist with the emotionally reflective, “Love Me Again” — where he is reeling and hoping to repair a relationship.

Chappell Roan — “Hot To Go!”

“I wrote this song so I could live out my cheerleader fantasy!” Roan dished about her confident new “Hot To Go!” song. “I just wanted to make something simple and silly that I could do with the audience because I’m a huge fan of audience participation. Also, selfishly (and shamelessly) wanted to bounce around on stage singing a song about being hot.”

Kelsea Ballerini — “How Do I Do This”

Kelsea Ballerini‘s Rolling Up The Welcome Mat was a personal early highlight of 2023’s releases. Now, with her extended version, Ballerini finds herself looking at the songs with a happier perspective. “How Do I Do This” is one of the new additions, where she details what it was like trying to date again after a years-long marriage ended.

Fred Again.. — “Adore U” (feat. Obongjayar)

“Finally got to sit in the room and hear this beautiful man sing these words right there. And it really felt magical. What a f*ckin guy man,” Fred Again gushed about his latest track, “Adore U,” which lets Obongjayar take center stage on vocals. The two performers used it as a sweet dedication to their siblings.

Sofia Valdés — “Silvia”

The title track of Valdés’ new EP, “Silvia” serves as a tribute to the musician’s grandmother. It also doubles as her grappling with emotions after moving from Panama to Los Angeles during the pandemic.

Ilsey — “Yellow Roses”

“‘Yellow Roses’ has the deepest emotional resonance for me,” Ilsey shared in a statement, about the dreamy-but-heartbreaking lyrics that make the song what it is. “Longing for love that you can’t have is really the touchstone of the heartbreak of the album. That’s the root of my personal heartbreak.”

Äyanna — “Say You Love Me”

Discovering Äyanna’s “Say You Love Me” was such a blessing. Throughout the song’s run, she shows that she can vocally tackle both a gentler, emotional instrumental and a faster-paced pop one in the chorus. The music video leans into the romantic themes in a very entertaining way — plus her makeup rules in it too.

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