All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

Summer is gearing up in full force, as May is now coming to a close. This week, lots of major pop superstars returned with killer new music to carry us all through the heat and onto a dancefloor, including one that appears on the soundtrack for this year’s hottest upcoming movie. Basically, this week is just full of fun releases that are all a genuinely good time… with a little bit of heartbreak sprinkled in.

Check out Uproxx’s Best New Pop roundup below.

Taylor Swift — “Hits Different”

After months of fans finding methods to listen to Taylor Swift’s “Hits Different,” a hidden bonus track from Midnights, she has finally given it an official streaming release with the album’s new Til The Dawn edition — which also includes the Ice Spice collab and more Lana Del Rey. This has become one of my all-time favorite songs from her, primarily because of how great the bridge (and entire song) is.

“I pictured you in love with other girls / Then threw up on the street,” needs to be hilariously screamed in a stadium. It’s also an emotional tale of her grappling with a relationship breakdown, as it takes on the form of drunk venting to a friend — in this case, she “stopped receiving invitations” and dubs herself the “argumentative, antithetical dream girl.”

Dua Lipa — “Dance The Night”

When Dua Lipa was revealed as part of the upcoming Barbie movie cast, it was also teased that she’d be delivering on the soundtrack too. “Dance The Night,” the first glimpse of the star-studded album, finds Lipa shining where she’s best: on a glamorous, disco-inspired danceable anthem. The music video is equally barbie-fied, with pink colors popping throughout and Lipa wearing her best sparkly outfit.

Beyoncé — “America Has A Problem (Remix)” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Beyoncé is currently continuing her Renaissance tour across Europe, but that hasn’t stopped her from sprinkling in surprises for fans. Her remix of “America Has A Problem” found the star once again working with Kendrick Lamar, where they take turns delivering some seriously sick new verses. During Lamar’s turn, he also hilariously is sure to note that he’s part of the Beyhive — which is the pop star’s fandom.

“I’m an honorary Beyhive, let’s see why / Them diamonds don’t be fly, they all CGI,” he raps. Later in the remix, Beyoncé launches into the song’s catchy “Tony Montana” part that’s present in the original.

Lauren Spencer Smith — “That Part”

“That Part” is a new single from Lauren Spencer-Smith’s album, Mirror. In it, she speaks to the positive aspects of a relationship. One that is in fact going so well, that she just wants to jump to a longer-term commitment.

Maisie Peters — “Two Weeks Ago”

Maisie Peters had been teasing just how heartbreaking her next single from her forthcoming The Good Witch album, “Two Weeks Ago,” would be — and she was right. In it, she details how differently a connection has changed in just a short time frame, going from someone you were close with to a complete stranger with past memories. “You were driving fast, I was holding back,” she regretfully expresses. “And I loved you babe, but I bet you knew that / The song was true and the sky was black.”

Enhypen — “Bite Me”

The K-Pop band Enhypen dropped their new song, “Bite Me,” from their mini album, Dark Blood. Keeping with the vibes of the title, the band notes in the song that “it’s you and me in this world,” along with some killer choreography for the fiery track.

Lauren Jauregui — “Wolves” (feat. Russ and Ty Dolla $ign)

While Jauregui‘s new “Wolves” collab appears on her latest album, In Between, it was actually recorded about five years ago — when she was still dating Ty. “Thank you for being such amazing friends and believing in me & this project enough to be a part of it,” she wrote on Instagram about each artist’s willingness to trust the release of their past vision.

Emei — “Irresponsible”

“Left my head back in the diner / Think my keys are right beside it / Let me know if you can find them / Cuz they’re designer,” Emei drives home the point on “Irresponsible,” where she dives into the carefree and reckless nature of just being young.

Hailey Kiyoko — “Greenlight”

On the heels of Hailey Kiyoko’s album last year, she has returned with a signal toward a possible new era with the latest song, “Greenlight.” As some in the comments have noted, it has song of the summer potential, with its fun, fast-paced nature, and dreamy instrumental breaks.

Cat Burns — “You Don’t Love Me Anymore”

“It’s so delicately written and it gently speaks about a fear loads of us have in relationships where we’re worried our partner may wake up one day and no longer love us, I truly hope this song brings comfort to anyone going through this exact thing right now,” Burns said of “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” in an Instagram post. Her beautiful vocals find her somberly reflecting on the love lost.

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