Billie Eilish’s Cover Of The Beatles ‘Something’ Is A Perfect Bit Of Melancholia

Billie Eilish can basically do no wrong at this point. The ever-savvy young pop star knows just what moves to make when, including recently teasing new music, but for now she’s opted to give fans a perfectly sad classic cover. This is absolutely the perfect time for a melancholic Beatles song, it suits the mood, the weather, the way darkness comes at 5 PM…. everything is right.

Releasing her own piano-heavy take on the iconic foursome’s well-known “Something,” she downplays the song, staying true to its originally sad setup. You can hear every breath she takes between phrases, and that’s the only sound aside from her voice and the piano. Even those breathes, which are more pronounced than they need to be, play into her frequent inclusion of ASMR elements in her music.

It’s not quite clear if this cover is the new music Billie was teasing would come this month, but it’s likely just the beginning, and more original new songs are still on the way. After the extremely positive reception for “My Future” in July, and her latest track “Therefore I Am,” it looks like the success of her debut album wasn’t a fluke at all, but the beginning of a very long career. Listen above.