Trump-Loving Congressman Matt Gaetz And Jim Jordan Are Apparently #FreeBritney Allies And Want An Investigation Into Conservatorships

Although congressmen and Trump supporters Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan have been previously compared to titular characters of the sardonic cartoon Beavis And Butthead, today they pair are attempting to stand up for a different cause than so-called stolen elections. Even broken clocks are right twice a day, so whatever might have motivated this pair to send a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler about the state of conservatorships, the national attention on this corrupt system is still a good thing. (Apparently Gaetz is a lifelong Britney fan… didn’t see that coming either.)

TMZ reports that Congressman Gaetz, of Florida, and Congressman Jordan, of Ohio, invoked the situation of Britney Spears, who has been under a suspect conservatorship since 2008, in the two-page letter sent today requesting a hearing be convened on the subject.

“In court appearances in August and November of 2020, Ms. Spears’ attorney represented to the court that Ms. Spears ‘strongly opposed’ having her father as a conservator, that she was afraid of her father, and that she would not again perform publicly so long as this arrangement persisted,” the letter states, and even cites The New York Times recent documentary, Framing Britney Spears, which sought to expose the legal injustices in Britney’s case.

It certainly seems strange that Gaetz and Jordan be the ones behind this motion, but as I said before, broken clocks. Anything that helps expose how conservatorships can be misused to take advantage of vulnerable individuals in this country is ultimately a good thing.