Olivia Rodrigo Is Apparently A Big Fan Of Phoebe Bridgers

Breakout star Olivia Rodrigo released her highly-anticipated debut album Sour last month and is still riding high. The album debuted at No. 1 and had the biggest opening week of 2021. Seeing as Rodrigo is gaining recognition for her music, it’s only fitting that she’s now showing love to another artists who’s had a big year: Phoebe Bridgers.

Rodrigo has made it no secret that she has consistently idolized Taylor Swift since a young age. But now, Rodrigo has cosigned another singer who’s making waves in the music industry. Rodrigo shared a clip of her sitting her the car with her friend and former Bizaardvark costar Madison Hu. The opening chords to Bridgers’ hit Punisher track “Kyoto” can be heard on the stereo and the two act like they had never heard the song before scream-singing its hook.

While Bridgers’ album did not break charting records like Rodrigo’s, it still earned her critical acclaim. The LP led to her being nominated for four Grammy Awards this year, including Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Alternative Music Album. Bridgers also turned heads several months ago with her buzzworthy performance on SNL. The set saw her smashing a guitar on stage, which ended up outraging some (mostly male) rock fans and delighting others.