Reneé Rapp Was ‘Gagged’ To Be Near ‘Precious’ Mark Cuban, And She Won’t Stop Inviting Him To Her Concerts

Last year should be considered Reneé Rapp’s breakout year, as her Snow Angel album was the most successful solo debut album from any female pop artist in 2023, and her subsequent Snow Hard Feelings Tour sold over 100,000 tickets before beginning in mid-September (as reported by Billboard). She’s also gearing up to serve as musical guest on Saturday Night Live, the first of 2024, this weekend.

But the true Reneé-aissance (yes, I am officially coining that term; it is mine) is happening now, as Rapp stars as Regina George in the new Mean Girls movie based upon the Mean Girls Broadway musical, for which Rapp also starred as Regina George in 2019. As such, Rapp is hitting the press circuit hard, and she visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, January 10 — her 24th birthday.

About four minutes in, Rapp gushed about collaborating with Megan Thee Stallion for the Mean Girls track “Not My Fault,” saying, “I love Meg. I love her so much.” Nobody can disagree with that. But Rapp’s next name-drop seemed to truly disappoint Colbert.

“Do I get starstruck? Potentially, but the one time it’s happened to me, I was 18,” Rapp said. “[NBA] All-Star Weekend was in Charlotte, [North Carolina], where I’m from, and Mark Cuban was there.”

“Don’t tell me you got starstruck by Mark Cuban,” Colbert interjected.

“Nah, yeah,” Rapp, now 24, said, doubling down and later adding she was “gagged” to be in Cuban’s general vicinity. Colbert explained that he has met Cuban and found him to be a “lovely fella” but wouldn’t associate Cuban with “starstruck,” to which Rapp said Cuban is “so cute” because “he reminds me a little bit of my dad, to be honest.” She added, “I just think he’s precious. Like, he’s precious.”

She continued, “He’s, like, a white guy, and he’s kind of funny. […] I keep inviting him to my shows, actually. He’s gonna come.”

Colbert and Rapp then pled with Cuban to attend a Rapp concert — and he really should because it is a religious experience — with hand-hearts while Rapp playfully mouthed, “I love you.”

Watch Rapp’s full segment with Colbert above.

Mean Girls is in theaters 1/12. Find more information here.