Showtime Announced The Date And Time For The Mayweather-McGregor Replay Broadcast

08.27.17 10 months ago

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We won’t know the exact number of people that purchased the Mayweather-McGregor PPV, but it’s safe to guess it will be between 4 and 5 million buys. While that’s a huge, potentially record-breaking number, there are still plenty that followed along to the event in other ways, likely assuming that it would not be very exciting, as so many Mayweather fights have turned out in the past.

What actually transpired was one of the most entertaining Mayweather fights of the past decade, as the boxing legend moved forward and stalked his opponent more than we’ve seen in years en route to a 10th round TKO victory. Mayweather’s plan was clear, let McGregor punch himself out early and then, once any semblance of danger from a one punch knockout was gone, he would go hunting and wear him down until he could finish the fight.

That plan was executed well, but it did make for some exciting moments and some brief doubt early on that Floyd would win. There will undoubtedly be people that want to watch the fight that missed out on the PPV event, and for those with a Showtime subscription, their chance will be next Saturday, Sept. 2.

The replay broadcast will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime, with the main event as the only fight being shown.

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