Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Called ‘SVU’ ‘Unwatchable’ And Christopher Meloni Dragged Him To Hell

America’s own Christopher Meloni is known for many things: starring in a hit crime show, flirting with Mariska Hargitay, and also being naked more often than not. But, and perhaps most importantly, Meloni is also known for calling people out on social media when they say something he doesn’t agree with, which happens to be a lot because nobody ever agrees on anything over here.

Over the weekend, Lauren Boebert tweeted an (unfunny) joke, and Meloni decided to channel his Law and Order sass to call her out. “There’s gotta be a Stupid Prize gop reps are competing for,” Meloni tweeted. Boebert was mocking Joe Biden and his impressive talent of miscounting words, while Meloni was clearly just mocking every GOP candidate.

Of course, Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller thought he would take this time to not only ask for an apology but also have the nerve to call Law & Order: Organized Crime “unwatchable.” A crime in itself!

Meloni quickly shot back: “When nosferatu attempts shade. Stevie, stick to writing fascist speeches.”

The Law and Order actor is known for being active on Twitter (for better or for worse) but he did not apologize to either Boebert or Miller, who still kept going long after Meloni had already moved on:

Law & Order: Organized Crime is a very watchable show that airs Thursdays on NBC! Meanwhile, Miller is still on his parent’s phone plan.

(Via Variety)