What Happened To Lexi And Cassie’s Dad On ‘Euphoria?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Euphoria will be found below.)

Lexi’s Oklahoma play, which she’s spent most of the season working on, is at the center of this week’s episode of Euphoria. She uses Oklahoma to hold a mirror to her friends as she highlights certain aspects of Rue, Maddy, Cassie, Nate, and Kat’s lives, among other people. The play also examines the dynamics and friendships that Lexi has with these people. One example comes when looks back at the memories she had with her father as she reminisces on a time when her family was together and unified.

What Happened To Lexi And Cassie’s Dad On ‘Euphoria?’

If you recall from season one, Lexi and Cassie’s dad, Gus, split with their mother, Suze, in episode seven. The cause for their split is truly unknown as Suze indirectly sites his unpreparedness to be a father while other hints point to Suze’s possible infidelity. Later on, we see Gus develop a drug addiction after a severe car accident, and following a sneaky entrance into Lexi and Cassie’s house to retrieve some goods, we never see him again.

In this week’s episode, Lexi uses her play to remember the good times with her family. As Bobby Darin’s “More” plays in the background, we see the Howard family in happy spirits as they dance with each other. Lexi uses the absence of her father to draw a connection between her and Rue, whose father is also no longer in her life as he passed away from cancer.

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