Martin Short Recalled The Comically Brutal Moment When Selena Gomez Joined ‘Only Murders In The Building’

Only Murders in the Building has been a delightful success on Hulu thanks to the chemistry between its all-star cast of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. The trio worked so well that, at one point, there was talk of getting them to host the Oscars together. While Martin and Short’s comedic relationship stretches back decades, Gomez is obviously a new addition to their duo. But according to a new interview with Short, her comedic timing was scorching right out of the gate.

While talking to Deadline, Short opened up about the moment that Gomez joined the cast of Only Murders, and what it was like bringing in a much younger star. (Spoiler alert: She burned him good.)

“She’s such a great actress ’cause she pretended to know who we were,” Martin joked before revealing the moment Gomez made him feel his age. “I said, ‘Selena, what did you do when you found out you were working with me?’ And she said, ‘I Googled you.'”

Damn, Selena Gomez. Of course, the interaction was all in good fun, and Only Murders quickly became an audience favorite at Hulu who wasted no time in getting a second season together despite the pandemic. The first season just ended back in October, but Season 2 is already set to start streaming on June 28. That’s one heck of a turnaround.

(Via Deadline Hollywood on Twitter)