Pete Davidson: John Mulaney Suggested I Start A Rumor That Kanye Has Polio

After Pete Davidson’s messy yet weirdly successful year, he has returned to the stage for a stand-up special as a part of Netflix’s comedy festival. Of course, he addressed the Kanye West-sized elephant in the room. “I’ve had a really weird year,” he stated at the start of his set. Davidson’s drama has been highly-publicized, so the audience pretty much knew where this was headed.

He then joked about Kanye starting the rumor that Davidson has AIDS, saying it was an outdated joke (though AIDS is still very much a thing). “You know what’s funny about that? That’s such a 90s thing to like [say]…John Mulaney called me and was like ‘AIDS? You should start a rumor that he has polio!”” Polio, of course, has been eradicated in the US due to vaccines. But that joke could have been pretty controversial if it was in the 1950s! His Mulaney impression was pretty solid, though.

Davidson then told some jokes about fellow friends who still work with West, like rapper and longtime friend Jack Harlow. The comedian didn’t mind that Harlow worked with West on his new album, though he joked he would mind if fellow comedian Bill Burr worked with West. “It would hurt my feelings if I saw like, Bill Burr at Sunday service. I’d be like ‘What the f*ck Bill?’ He’d be like ‘Find God, Petey!'”

Davidson didn’t mention girlfriend Kim Kardashian, though he did make a quick joke about West pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire and posing as a nanny in order to see his kids. Honestly, that’s not that far off from something he would do. Check out the clip above.