‘Your Property Now Belongs To Negan’: 10 Questions We Need ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere To Answer

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02.12.16 9 Comments

After leaving us hanging for a long two months, the sixth midseason premiere of The Walking Dead debuts on Sunday. There will be character deaths; there will be massive carnage, a few crowd-pleasing moments, and the best cold open in the series’ history. It needs to be a great episode, because after a strong start to the season, The Walking Dead limped into the midseason finale, stopping short of what seemed to be a huge moment in the series.

That moment finally arrives on Sunday. Here are the questions that The Walking Dead midseason premiere — and the rest of season six — needs to answer.

1. What will the Saviors do with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham?
When last we saw Daryl, Michonne, and Abraham, they’d been stopped by what we now know to be the Saviors, who are basically the henchmen for Negan, an as-yet-to-be-introduced character who will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In the sixth-season finale, the Saviors demanded that Daryl and Co. hand over all their possessions, because “they now belong to Negan.” Faced by a number of men on motorcycles wielding guns, how will Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham react? Will they be taken hostage? Will they hand over their possessions and go on their merry way, or will they resist and put up a fight?

2. How long before we meet Negan?
Maybe the biggest question of the season is when the most anticipated new character in the series — and possibly of all of 2016 — will finally be introduced? With his henchmen making an appearance in the midseason finale, Negan’s introduction can’t be too far behind. On the other hand, Negan’s introduction comes after that of Jesus/Paul Monroe in the comics, and Jesus hasn’t yet entered the series (although we do know that Tom Payne has been cast in the part), so we may not see Negan until the end of the season.

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