WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 11/30/15

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Why Jabari Parker Was Right To Cite Losing And Inexperience As A Source Of Jahlil Okafor’s Issues


Kevin Durant Is Pissed Because The Media Treated ‘Legend’ Kobe Bryant ‘Like Sh*t’ This Season

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Training Montages From The ‘Rocky’ Franchise, Ranked From Best To Worst

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Cris Cyborg Had A Perfect Response To Joe Rogan’s Terribly Offensive Joke About Her

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Every Football Fan Should See ‘Concussion,’ A Film The NFL Comes Off Looking Terribly In

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Did LeBron James Have The Cavs Ban Hoverboards From Their Arena?


‘He’s Not Black’: Watch ESPN’s Robert Flores Explain Why There’s No Firestorm Following Travis Kelce’s Dance


The Very Best And Very Worst Of The #PrayForGronk Hashtag

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Kristaps Porzingis Has Sworn Revenge For Dwight Howard’s Poster Jam


NXT Women’s Champion Bayley Is In No Hurry To Get To The WWE Main Roster

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Here Are The 15 College Football Games Fans Won’t Forget From This Season

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