The Postal Service Performed 'Such Great Heights' On The 'Colbert Report' Last Night

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The recently reunited Postal Service performed one of their more popular songs, "Such Great Heights," on the Colbert Report last night.

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Watch Marc Maron, Weird Al Yankovic, Aimee Mann, Moby, & Duff McKagan Audition For The Postal Service

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Did you know that before Ben Gibbard got the gig as Postal Service frontman that a host of other "talent" to try out for the role? Betcha didn't!

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Hear The New Postal Service Song With Jenny Lewis, 'A Tattered Line Of String'

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Listen to the new Postal Service song, "A Tattered Line of String," with guest vocalist Jenny Lewis.


The Postal Service Is Getting Back Together, You Guys!

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Ben Gibbard could probably use a little sunshine in his life. Maybe a Postal Service reunion will cheer him up!


How Do You Say Goodbye To A Legend? By Writing An Emo Song About Ichiro

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The New York Yankees bounced back from their humiliating 4-game sweep at the hands of the Oakland Athletics over the weekend by not only beating the Seattle Mariners 4-1 on the field, but also by crushing the spirit of the entire city.


Why Is President Obama Sending Happy Birthday Letters To Zooey Deschanel?

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In what I'm convinced is yet another ploy to plunge another dagger into the heart of poor Ben Gibbard, <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/ZooeyDeschanel/status/159437594663460865">Zooey Deschanel recently posted a pic of a letter she received from President Obama on her birthday to Twitter.</a> The pic raises many questions, namely how the hell does Barack Obama know who Zooey Deschanel is and why is he writing her letter on her birthday.

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Death Cab for Cutie’s Video For ‘Underneath The Sycamore’ Tells A Noir-ish Animated Detective Story


Count me as one of the people who would have never guessed that the video for Death Cab's "Under the Sycamore" -- a song about, well, sitting under a tree with the one you love -- would inspire a noir detective tale video.

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