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The Story Behind Axl Rose And Slash Not Speaking To Each Other Since 1996

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Explaining why the original Guns N' Roses twosome will never reunite.


Scott Weiland Is Launching Another ‘Super Group’ With A Guns N’ Roses Member

By | 16 Comments

Forget Velvet Revolver and all of that hard rock star power, Scott Weiland is back with some other guys in Art of Anarchy.

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The Internet Tried To Make Axl Rose Its Latest Death Hoax Victim

By | 7 Comments

A really stupid and obviously fake article tricked people into thinking Axl Rose died. You should feel bad if you fell for it.


Mike Myers Nearly Quit ‘Wayne’s World’ Because The Studio Demanded He Replace ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

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'Saturday Night Live' alum Mike Myers discussed his reputation for being difficult to work with on Marc Maron's podcast.

sweet chld o mine

Watch This Fantastic Guzheng Cover Of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Nail The Solo And Rock Out

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Musician Michelle Kwan takes the traditional Chinese guzheng and proceeds to tear out a blistering cover of the Guns N' Roses classic.

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Your Biggest 1990s Music Video Crush Did An Uncomfortably Sexy Photoshoot With Her Sons

By | 15 Comments

From "November Rain" to posing in your underwear with your sons, Stephanie Seymour has done it all.

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Axl Rose Had The Weirdest Explanation For The Red Hot Chili Peppers Super Bowl Scandal

By | 2 Comments

Axl Rose on why the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn't play live at the Super Bowl: they had "microchips installed in their asses."


The Blogger Who Leaked ‘Chinese Democracy’ Wrote 8,000 Words Explaining How He Did It

By | 3 Comments

Everything you wanted to know about "Chinese Democracy," and thousands of words more.

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Axl Rose Is The Best Tenant A Landlord Could Hope For. Seriously.

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If you're looking to sublet your apartment, Axl Rose would be an ideal tenant.


7-Year-Old Girl Shredding ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses


Zoe Thomson plays the parts of both Slash and Izzy Stradlin on GNR's Sweet Child o' Mine.


A Very Famous Fictional Product On ‘The Simpsons’ Is Named After A Member Of A Very Famous Band


"I knew nothing about branding yourself then or the royalties off it." Oops.

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Axl Rose Was Shockingly Normal, Bought Everyone Burgers On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose appeared on a late night show for the first time in 20 years, and he was charming, funny, and normal. THAT'S NOT WHAT WE WANT.

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Axl Rose Will Give His First Live TV Interview In Over 20 Years On ‘Kimmel’

By | 19 Comments

The Guns N' Roses will appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in October to answer questions about Slash and being fat, presumably.


Music Video Breakdown: ‘November Rain’ By Guns N’ Roses

By | 61 Comments

An in-depth breakdown of the music video for 'November Rain' by Guns N' Roses, featuring stupid theories and dudes diving through cakes.


The 10 Biggest Musician Meltdowns Captured On Video

By | 17 Comments

A collection of the most notable on-stage musician meltdowns.

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