Morning Links: Steve Carlton is Getting Too Old For This Sh**

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Today I start trying to convince you to read about baseball cards.

Unreleased Music

Want To Hear Lupe’s Unreleased “Airplanes”?

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The backstory has been told countless times of how Atlantic gave the track to Lupe, he screwed the pooch and admitted that he considered committing that after he saw how big the tune became.

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B.o.B Feat. Hayley Williams – “Airplanes” Video

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Bobby Ray's inspirational hit with Hayley gets the strobe light treatment.

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5.30 The Cooler

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Laura Dore Hayley Williams Thanks Fans For Support After Topless Twitpic [MTV] Hollywood Iconoclast Dennis Hopper Dies At 74 [People] The Top 50 Basketball Sneakers Of All Time [Complex] Whatever Happened To Lauryn Hill.

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