A Breakdown Of The Iconic ‘Saved By The Bell’ Moments In Jimmy Fallon’s Reunion

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Let's take a look at the very special 'Saved by the Bell' moments that were resurrected for Jimmy Fallon's reunion on 'The Tonight Show.'

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Lorne Michaels On Passing On Stephen Colbert, Lisa Kudrow And Jim Carrey: ‘No One Gets Them All Right’

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From the cast members that he missed out on to the day that he'll finally call it quits, Lorne Michaels has plenty of stories from 'SNL.'

Heroes: Reborn

The Man With The Horn-Rimmed Glasses Is Back In The New ‘Heroes Reborn’ Teaser

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Jack Coleman is back as HRG and he's joined by Zachary Levi in the first teaser for NBC's 'Heroes Reborn' miniseries.


J.K. Simmons Gets To See The Bad Side Of Kenan Thompson In These ‘SNL’ Promos


J.K. Simmons is hosting 'Saturday Night Live' for the first time this week and Kenan Thompson is attempting to get him ready.


Retta Gives Us A Preview Of The Return Of ‘Treat Yo Self’ To ‘Parks And Rec’


Retta teased the return of the annual TREAT YO SELF event for tomorrow night's second episode of 'Parks and Recreation.'

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Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart Will Lip-Sync With Jimmy Fallon On The Post-Super Bowl ‘Tonight Show’


The latest edition of Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battle will feature Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and the desert.


Alison Brie Sounds Stoked That ‘Community’ Isn’t On NBC Anymore

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Alison Brie said some nice things about NBC, before saying some REALLY nice things about Yahoo.


The Two Latest Pilot Orders By NBC Involve Shows About Snipers And Naked Women

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'Blindspot' and 'Endgame' sound like interesting shows, for sure. Guess which one is about the sniper?

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Bob Costas Is Still Hung Up On 50 Cent And That Embarrassing First Pitch

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Remember when Bob Costas asked for a redo on a first pitch?

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NBC Abandoned Their Thursday Night Sitcoms, So Why Do They Keep Bringing Back The ‘Must See’ Stars?

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Rob Lowe, Jenna Fischer, and Megan Mullally will all return to NBC for an apocalyptic comedy.


Who Supported Jay Leno When He Took ‘The Tonight Show’ Back From Conan O’Brien?

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Just about everyone voiced their support for "Team Conan," but who stood with Jay throughout the 2010 'Tonight Show' ordeal?


Former ‘The Biggest Loser’ Contestant Calls The Show A ‘Fat-Shaming Disaster’

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A former contestant is speaking out on the cruelty of "The Biggest Loser."


Despite Lower Ratings, NBC Has Two More Live Musicals In The Works For 2015

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NBC is planning more live musicals in 2015, including 'The Music Man' and 'The Wiz.'


Here’s Why NBC Finally Canceled Its Deal With Bill Cosby

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Network head Bob Greenblatt explained why NBC decided to back out on its plans for a new Cosby sitcom.

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NBC Creating A New Movie Series Based On The Songs Of Dolly Parton


Plus, Dolly herself might even star in a few of them. It's a tough deal, workin' 9 to 5.

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