A Film Producer Was Denied Entry At Cannes For Not Wearing High Heels


The Cannes Film Festival is being criticized after several women, including an amputee, say they were denied entry for not wearing heels.

NCAA Tournament

You May Notice UAB Wearing Mismatched Shoes During The NCAA Tournament, Here’s The Reason Why

Each NCAA Tournament, you start to hear stories that a team's beat writers, fans and message board faithful already know.

3D printing

Carmelo Anthony Wants To Use 3D Printing To End Shoe Sizes


Yes, the Knicks player is backing a custom shoe company. But it's far more interesting than you might at first think.


A Pair Of Michael Jordan’s Shoes From North Carolina Sold For $33k At Auction

Yes, Michael Jordan used to wear Converse, and yes, those shoes are in high demand apparently.

#Terminator Genisys

Nike Stopped Everything To Recreate Shoes For ‘Terminator Genisys’


The costume designer for 'Terminator Genisys' is not even in the remote area of screwing around.

#Jimmy Fallon

Here’s Russell Brand Playing A Perfect Game Of ‘Word Sneak’ With Jimmy Fallon


Russell Brand put his vocabulary to the test in this game of 'Word Sneak' with Jimmy Fallon.


RIP Manu Ginobili’s Garbage Shoes, 2014-2014


Manu Ginobili suffered a dangerous wardrobe malfunction mid-game when his left shoe split open from the bottom and rode up his leg.


Converse Introduces Its Spring 2014 Jack Purcell Sneaker Collection


They're "modern, crafted and versatile" and a reminder that spring is only a few months away.


Check Out The Vans x The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ Collection

The Fab Four will have their own line of Vans sneakers, beginning on March 1. We’re sure that’s always been the band’s goal.

#LeBron James

LeBron James’ Sneakers Hit 88 MPH And Went Back To The Future


During Thursday night's game, LeBron James destroyed his own shoes and left huge skidmarks on the Heat court. Also, he time traveled.


Mario Balotelli’s New Custom Shoes Are Pretty Awesome

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli wore a custom pair of boots that were covered in newspaper and tabloid headlines about him.


A Crowd Of Shoppers Literally Knocked The Mall Doors Off Their Hinges To Get The New Air Jordans


A mob of irrationally angry shoppers knocked the doors off their hinges at an Ohio mall so they could all rush to get a voucher for new Air Jordans.


Hulk Hogan Wants His Son, Nick, To Play Him In A Movie About His Life


It was only a matter of time before someone started planning a movie about Terry Gene Bollea, AKA Hulk Hogan, because between the iconic, world champion professional wrestling career and his current status as a breastaurant owner and star of the 8th best wrestling program on Thursday nights, it’s a story that people would probably love to see.

Vans Vault

The Night I Celebrated 10 Years of Vans Vault And My Own Vans History


Brother Tiger's pulling at a whiskey on the rocks when I ask him if he remembers his first pair of Vans.

#LeBron James

Nike Already Made A Pair Of NBA Champion Shoes For LeBron James

Photos of a new pair of Nike LeBron James X Low Floral hit the web today, and they include the phrase "2-time champion" on the insole of the right shoe.


SNL’s New Balance Commercial Is Exactly Right (And The Morning Links)


Saturday Night Live featured a New Balance commercial (starring Zach Galifianakis) that should totally play to the blogger crowd, because it's about how nobody who wears New Balance running shoes actually runs, and how they're the worst of the aging white guys.


SNL: New Balance

If you're looking for the shoe overweight white guys wear to make a statement, New Balance is the brand for you.

Sneakerbar VA

Do You Want A Free Pair Of The Air Jordan Retro 3’s?


Twenty-five years ago, Michael Jordan etched a noter piece of his legacy with his victory in the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest in Chi-Town.


Fart Shoes

A creative dad turns his kid's favorite Muppet joke turns into a reality.

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