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Steven Seagal says he would fight Randy Couture “any time, any place”

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Intrepid MMA reporter and my best Twitter pal Ariel Helwani had the chance to interview Steven Seagal yesterday, and as always, the old poonani-loving, Nobel Prize-deserving, sleeveless kimono-wearing, front-kicking, chicken killer did not disappoint (I meant Seagal there, in case [...].


Dana White On Anderson Silva Vs. Georges St-Pierre: 'I'll Make This Fight'

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As <a href="">we were watching UFC 154 on Saturday night</a>, making hilarious quips and cyber high-fiving because we’re all awesome bros and babes, there was some excitement and chatter about something that wasn’t happening in the ring and in no way related to <a href="">Brittney Palmer’s body</a>.

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Frotcast 125: Laremy on Lincoln, Angry Butterscotch Lady meets David Lee Roth

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Listen on the player above, or <a href="" target="_blank">download this week's episode as an mp3 here</a> (right-click, "save as.

Steven Seagal is doing a movie with Anderson Silva

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In the past few weeks, we've learned many <a href="" target="_blank">things about Steven Seagal</a>, not the least of which being that Above the Law was autobiographical, Steven Seagal knows the truth about both Brandon Lee's death and Iran Contra but doesn't want to talk about it, and Steven Seagal would've won a Nobel Prize for On Deadly Ground if he hadn't been so ahead of his time.


John Leguizamo still talking about the time Steven Seagal beat him up

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For all the crap Steven Seagal spouts about being spiritual and a Buddhist (he was actually recognized as the reincarnation of 17th century "revealer" Chungdrang Dorje in 1996), almost every first-hand story about him is about what a big bully [...].


Steven Seagal knows the truth behind Iran-Contra, Brandon Lee’s Death

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Steven Seagal went blowhard on blowhard with HDNet's Michael Schiavello recently, and previously, in the Steven Seagal thinks Michael Jai White is not tough, nor a martial artist (ditto Chuck Norris).


Steven Seagal has been shot and always carries a gun, according to Steven Seagal

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If you don't know who <a href="" target="_blank">Michael Schiavello</a> is, he's an obnoxious Australian kickboxing/MMA announcer who's been trying to make his "<a href="" target="_blank">goodnight Irene</a>.


Randy Couture Wants To Fight Steven Seagal? Yes Please.

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Randy Couture hasn’t fought since he announced his retirement before losing to Lyoto Machida in the second round at UFC 129 in April 2011, but he’s done just fine since that sad day.


The Steven Seagal Movie Plot Generator

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Apologies if you've seen this one before, but I hadn't before today and I needed a lead-in for a mini-Seagal story.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 148

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Back in 2010, Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen faced off for the first time at UFC 117 in what was already a controversial fight.


The Master Steven Seagal Finally Stepped Into The Octagon

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At UFC 148 tomorrow night – for which there will be a live discussion at <a href="">With Leather</a>, so join me or else – Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will have their long-awaited rematch from UFC 117 in 2010.


Silva Vs. Sonnen II: The Comic Book

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If <a href="" target="_blank">Anderson Silva finally getting mad and threatening to break every bone and tooth in Chael Sonnen's body</a> didn't get you excited for Silva vs.


Steven Seagal denies ever pooping his pants

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The story of martial arts legend Judo Gene Lebell supposedly choking Steven Seagal until he pooped himself (until Seagal pooped, that is) has been around almost as long as I've been alive, and has been covered twice before (<a href="" target="_blank">here</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>) on this very site, most recently when Judo Gene told the story himself.


If Only These UFC Action Figures Were Real

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In case you missed it on Saturday, <a href="">we had a few friends over for the UFC 145 Pay-Per-View</a>, including <a href=""> writer</a>, <a href="">blogger</a> and fighter <a href="">“Danny Boy” Downes</a> and <a href="">FilmDrunk daddy</a> and MMA aficionado Vince “Spicy Meat-a-ball” Mancini.


The Grammatical Analysis Of Steven Seagal Movie Titles The World Didn't Know It Needed

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If you've never done yourself the favor of looking over Vince's <a href="" target="_blank">"Incredible, Interchangeable Films of Steven Seagal: A Gallery"</a> I encourage you to do so before checking out the full Steven Seagal movie title analysis by <a href="" target="_blank">Pop Chart Labs</a> after the jump.


Judo Gene Lebell confirms choking Steven Seagal until Seagal pooped himself

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The story of martial arts legend Judo Gene Lebell <a href="" target="_blank">choking Steven Seagal until he soiled himself</a> is a tale nearly as famous as Richard Gere's gerbils, Rod Stewart's stomach pump, or Danny Thomas's predilection for <a href="" target="_blank">glass-bottom boats</a>.

The Steven Seagal Movie Plot Word Cloud

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Ever since we made that gallery of Steven Seagal holding a weapon (usually a pistol) with a dumb look on his face Three-word title (Out for Justice, Marked for Death, Above the Law, etc.


The Incredible, Interchangeable Films of Steven Seagal: A gallery

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Last week <a href="" target="_blank">on the Frotcast</a>, we stumbled onto the topic of Steven Seagal movies and their interchangeable, generic titles.

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Seagal caption contest winners

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In honor of our Our random number generator selected number 42, a comment belonging to Elderberry Hamster -- (which, although not caption-contest-winner-worthy, was still a respectable level of funny).

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