Angie Harmon Is Always The Man In ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Lesbian Fan Fiction

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Angie Harmon and Angie Harmon's Kathleen Turner voice are ALWAYS depicted in the masculine role in the online literature. ALWAYS.


‘Southland’ Has Been Canceled By TNT

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TNT cancels "Southland" after five seasons.


How Soon Into TNT’s New Show ‘Legends’ Will Sean Bean Die? (And The Morning Links)

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TNT picks up "Legends" starring Sean Bean, and the rest of the Morning Links.


The 10 Most Devastating Moments In The 5th Season Of TNT’s ‘Southland’

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A look back at the devastating season 'Southland,' one of the best shows that you're not watching.


The World's Most Confident Nose Picker


A man shamelessly picks his nose directly behind the TNT broadcasters during a Knicks-Blazers game, then gives the camera a confident wink.


TNT Picked Up ‘Franklin & Bash’ For A Third Season

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Bros. BROS. 'Franklin & Bash' got renewed. You know what that means, right? PARTY AT MY HOUSE.


TNT Passes on 'Scent of the Missing,' Is Now Dead to Me

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I have terrible news, and it's probably best if I just come right out and say it: TNT has passed on "Scent of the Missing," their pilot about a K-9 search and rescue team.


Lots of People Care About Oil, I Guess

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TNT's updated version of the fossil fuel drama "Dallas" debuted last night, and it turns out lots and lots of people care about Texas-based oil tycoons and/or do not have anything else to do at 9 p.


Serge Ibaka Will Rip Off Your Arm For Dunking On Him (And Morning Links)


Be careful, Blake, <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/04/serge-ibaka-will-rip-your-arm-off" target="_blank">that guy's hands are like the jaws of life</a>.


TNT Places Big Red 'Add Drama' Button In Belgian Square, Genius Viral Marketing Ensues


I haven't had the chance to visit Belgium yet, but thanks to Colin Farrell effectively convincing me so in In Bruges every time I think of Belgium I associate it with being boring as hell.


The Best Show On TV You're Not Watching Will Be Renewed for a 5th Season

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It's not a flashy show; there are no Boyd Crowders or other memorable villains; and it doesn't inspire next-morning GIFs, but TNT's "Southland" has quietly become the best show on TV you're not watching.

#The Walking Dead

Frank Darabont Spoils ‘The Walking Dead.’ Twice.

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There is some major casting news in this post that may spoil upcoming episodes of "The Walking Dead," so if you're not keen on being spoilered, skedaddle.

william shatner

What’s on Tonight: Patrice O’Neal Tribute

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Elephant in the Room (Comedy Central) -- Patrice O'Neal's stand-up special will air at 8 p.


Today in Canine Acting News…

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I was away from the blog on Friday, and I'm afraid I have to apologize for a couple oversights.


Tricia Helfer Will Star in Dog Cop Show

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Last month, I nearly lost my mind with happiness when I heard that TNT had <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2011/09/happy-birthday-to-me-tnt-orders-pilot-about-crime-solving-dog#page/1" target="_blank">ordered a pilot about a crime-solving golden retriever</a>.

tv everywhere

Cable Companies To Begin Promoting TV Everywhere In The Hopes That It’ll Save Them


In an effort to try to stem the tide of people <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/technology/2011/09/cable-tv-is-so-over-a-quick-guide-to-cutting-the-cord/">cutting ties with cable and satellite providers</a> to watch TV programming online, Time Warner will tonight start heavily promoting TV Everywhere -- a <a href="http://www.engadget.com/2009/06/24/time-warners-tv-everywhere-to-pipe-internet-tv-to-comcast-subcr/">long in development system</a> that would basically allow cable subscribers to watch everything they do at home on their computers and mobile devices -- on TBS and TNT, according to <a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/12/business/media/campaign-trains-viewers-for-tv-everywhere.html?_r=2&smid=tw-NYTimesAd&seid=auto">a report by the New York Times' Brian Stelter</a>.


Happy Birthday to Me: TNT Orders Pilot About Crime-Solving Dog

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Hello, and welcome to a watershed day in television history.


TNT to Produce ‘Ladycop: The Movie’

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TNT announced a little while back that they were getting into the TV movie game, and now they've settled on the first installment: "Hide," a crime drama based on a book by Lisa Gardner, starring Carla Gugino as Boston detective D.

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