A Fan Favorite From ‘The Walking Dead’ Joins The ‘Black Panther’ Cast

With Comic-Con 2016 winding down, a lot of hype was shared between Marvel and DC Comics on Saturday’s tentpole panels.

Suicide Squad owned Hall H, the Justice League finally assembled and everyone lost their freaking minds over that Wonder Woman trailer. All in all, this year’s geek fest has been a good boost for the franchise — one it sorely needed after the mildly disappointing Batman v. Superman movie dropped a few months ago.

But Marvel did no disappoint with their offerings later in the night. Not only is Brie Larson officially Captain Marvel, but The Hulk looks to be a gladiator, and Spider-Man is going to be a modern John Hughes movie.

The crowd at Hall H was also treated to a surprise or two Saturday as director Ryan Coogler introduced fans to the cast of his upcoming Black Panther film which includes a fan favorite from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

By now, we already know Chadwick Boseman will be starring as the Black Panther himself, Wakandan leader T’Challa and we also knew that Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o had roles in the film. Coogler revealed Jordan’s character to be Erik Killmonger, a fighter and familiar adversary of the Black Panther, meaning he’ll probably serve as the upcoming film’s main villain. Nyong’o will be playing Nakia who has quite a storied past with the king — she was romantically obsessed with him before becoming the villain known as Malice.

But the most fan-boy-freak-out-inducing moment of the presentation came when Coogler invited Walking Dead star Danai Gurira out on stage. Gurira plays the katana-wielding Michonne on the post-apocalyptic zombie series and it looks like she’s bringing a bid of that bada**-ery to the Black Panther as well.

The actress is set to play Okoye, leader of the Dora Milaje, the all female bodyguards of the Wakandan king. In the comics, the Dora Milaje are the Black Panther’s most elite security force and Okoye is their fearless commander. She’s also trained in the use of all kinds of weaponry so fingers crossed that katana makes a cameo in the movie.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)