Chance The Rapper And Backstreet Boys Dance Their Butts Off In A Colorful Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

Last week, Chance The Rapper joined the millennial pop boy band blueprint Backstreet Boys for a teaser of their upcoming Doritos Super Bowl commercial that saw him awkwardly force his way into their photoshoot. However, the stilted hilarity of that teaser could not possibly have prepared anyway for the full ad, which you can watch above. There’s a lot going on.

First, Chance is seen eating a bag of Doritos’ new Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavor chips on top of a grand piano, which is located in an airplane hangar for some reason. As he bites into the chip, the flavor apparently causes him to have a hallucination about driving a hot pink roadster through the desert at high speed, performing a Doritos-themed rap (“walkin’ like a taco, drivin’ over potholes, hotter than a pot roast, fingers on my hot chips”) in front of a fleet of magenta muscle cars, loose-limbed dancers, and a purple airplane, and dancing through multicolored smoke with Backstreet Boys as they sing a New Orleans bounce-flavored remix of their hit “I Want It That Way.”

Like I said: There’s a lot going on.

The commercial is set to air, of course, this Sunday during the big game, which kicks off in Atlanta at 6:30pm EST and features a (controversial) halftime performance from Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Atlanta’s own Big Boi — and possibly Spongebob Squarepants.