All The Best New Indie Music From This Week

Indie music has grown to include so much. It’s not just music that is released on independent labels, but speaks to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own weirdo heart. It can come in the form of rock music, pop, or folk. In a sense, it says as much about the people that are drawn to it as it does about the people that make it.

Every week, Uproxx is rounding up the best new indie music from the past seven days. This week we got new music from The 1975, The Killers, Stella Donnelly, and more.

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Brijean — Angelo

Rhythmic duo Brijean, composed of Brijean Murphy and Doug Stewart, have made a name for themselves with their lo-fi, groovy music which combines intricate soundscapes to create colorful tracks. Full of breezy, percussive tunes, their new EP Angelo is music to soundtrack sunny days.

The Killers — “Boy”

We all need a reason to reflect on our younger years at times, and The Killers‘ new track “Boy” does just that. The song is constructed around driving beat and nostalgia-inducing guitar riff which takes a back seat once the synth kicks in. Overall, the song was inspired by singer Brandon Flowers’ recent visit to his small hometown. “I found that the place I had wanted to get away from so desperately at 16 was now a place that I couldn’t stop returning to,” he said. “I have a son approaching the age I was at that time in my life. With ‘Boy,’ I want to reach out and tell myself — and my sons — to not overthink it.”

The 1975 — “Happiness”

If The 1975‘s latest lead single “Part Of The Band” sounded like Bon Iver attending a Phoebe Bridgers concert, their newest track “Happiness” sounds like Peter Gabriel attending a MUNA concert. The more upbeat song is lead by a groovy bass guitar and a jazzy saxophone and shows the band’s ability to pen a range of music from brooding ballads to carefree love songs.

Stella Donnelly — “How Was Your Day?”

Australian songwriter Stella Donnelly is just a few weeks out from her anticipated album Flood. Giving fans another taste of the album, she delivers the poetic anthem “How Was Your Day?” With bright, sunny chords, Donnelly takes up a talk-y lyrical delivery as she unpacks what it means to have meaning get lost in digital translation.

Young Jesus — “Ocean” Feat. Tomberlin

It hasn’t been long since Young Jesus, the band of songwriter John Rossiter, released the 2020 album Welcome To Conceptual Hill, but a lot has happened in Rossiter’s life since. Following the untimely and tragic death of a close friend, Rossiter poured his emotions into music, resulting in the upcoming album Shepherd Head. The Tomberlin-featuring track “Ocean” acts as a preview for the project, combining haunting vocals over wistful chords as Rossiter asks life’s big questions.

Frankie Cosmos — “One Year Stand”

Frankie Cosmos‘ 2019 project Close It Quietly was her last full-length project, but this week, the songwriter shed light on her creative endeavors with the lead single “One Year Stand” and Inner World Peace album announcement. The tranquil track features a rolling guitar and veiled lyrics about a relationship that ran its course. “To me, the album is about perception. It’s about the question of ‘who am I?’ and whether or not the answer matters.”

Gordi — “Stranger”

After emerging as one of Australia’s leading, heart-tugging singer/songwriter, Gordi goes back to her acoustic roots with the relatively upbeat track “Stranger.” The song arrives ahead of her upcoming EP Inhuman and offers a reflection on detachment and running on borrowed time.

Helado Negro — “Agosto” Feat. Buscabulla

Helado Negro, moniker of musician Roberto Carlos Lange, released the enthralling 2021 LP Far In, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to roll out new projects, like the comforting song “Agosto.” The track is a collaboration with Puerto Rican duo Buscabulla, resulting in gorgeous soundscapes and tender melodies that create a comforting and blissful lullaby.

Whitmer Thomas — “Rigamarole”

Comedian/musician Whitmer Thomas is on a mission to prove comedy and indie rock go hand-in-hand. So far this year, he’s already released the EP Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here, but he’s now gearing up for a full-length release, produced by Jay Som nonetheless. This week’s single “Rigamarole” is a synth-driven tongue-in-cheek anthem about giving in when life’s getting you down. To Thomas, the song is about “trying to shake depression with routine, and ultimately accepting I’ve got no choice but to sink into it.”

Okay Kaya — “Spinal Tap”

Dynamic songwriter Okay Kaya is preparing the release of her upcoming album SAP, which features the brand new track “Spinal Tap.” Opening with spoken word prose, the song is underscored by a driving bass guitar that compliments Kaya’s languorous vocals. In terms of subject matter, “Spinal Tap” is an investigation into her mind’s function, which can be oddly comforting when looked at through a scientific lens.