Traveler Influencers Tell Us Their Favorite Songs To Listen To On The Road

Music drives us. It swings us from one emotional state to another. It helps us feel fully alive. A great song can help us savor the scenery, get hyped to party, or settle into a state of deep relaxation. Music is magic, in that sense.

We all have songs we listen to to get hyped to hit the road while we’re packing. We have the songs we listen to as we roll towards an airport or train station. We have those songs that lull us to sleep as we bounce along the open road. We have the songs that make us homesick. And, finally, we have those songs we listen to when we get home that remind us of all the fun we had roaming the wild world.

In short, music and travel are inexorably intertwined.

We reached out to some of our favorite vagabonds — people spending their lives on the road right this instant — to tell us the songs they listen to when they’re traveling. These are the tunes that get them hyped to see a new place and build excitement for the unknown. The songs that come to define their adventures.