‘Tinder Is The McDonald’s Of Dating’ And Other Tough Talk From A Professional Matchmaker

Life & Culture Editor
08.01.16 2 Comments

If all you needed was love, dating coaches wouldn’t exist. But the truth is, there’s a lot more that goes into finding your perfect match than just swiping right and hoping for the best. That’s where the Conti sisters come in. They’re celebrity matchmakers (although their non-disclosure agreements are so ironclad that you’ll never find out which celebs) and they make love connections through their agency, Matchmakers in the City.

Bringing people together isn’t the only service the Conti sisters provide. They also offer date coaching for the modern single. Despite what anyone tells you, dating in 2016 is way different than it was even five years ago and tapping into the mind of the average unattached 20-30 something is what the Contis do best.

Recently, Alessandra Conti — the self-described “outgoing sister” — gave us the lowdown on what you really need to do to find love in the modern era.

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