Travel Influencer And Bravo Star Jenna MacGillivray Shares A Post-Pandemic Travel Guide To Bali, Indonesia

Over the past ten or so months, we’ve thought a lot about where in the world we’ll go as soon as it’s safe to do so. For most of 2020, that list has seemed like little more than a distant pipe dream. But now, with two COVID vaccines approved by the FDA and another one waiting in the wings, it’s finally beginning to look like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t get us wrong, we still don’t have a definitive date for when traveling will be something to get excited about again. But we can say with some confidence that it’s coming a lot sooner than later. So it’s worthwhile to start thinking about where you want to go when that magical time arrives.

Travel influencer and Bravo star Jenna MacGillivray thinks that Bali, Indonesia should certainly make your list. (We agree, while also recommending you see other parts of Indo.).

Better known as “Jenna The Mac” by those who follow her adventures on Instagram, MacGillivray is Chief Stewardess on Bravo’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht. That means she calls the shots with the crew and has a concierge’s skill at figuring out the best places to visit in every port. Naturally, we were more than eager to tap her expertise for a post-pandemic travel guide to Bali, a destination she adores.

Let’s dive in, and catch Below Deck Sailing Yacht when it returns for season 2 on Bravo sometime in early 2021.

Best Place To Grab A Smoothie or Coffee?

Beetlnut Café

There are so many amazing places! In Caangu, I go to the Beetlnut café for breakfast most mornings. They have this amazing gluten-free bread with hummus, it’s so simple, yet so perfect. It’s my favorite breakfast of all time. They also make amazing smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Favorite Beach or Outdoor Area?


I like to surf when I’m in Bali, so my favorite surf spot is Dreamland Beach, near Uluwatu. Dreamland has crystal blue waters and a little wave that’s perfect and usually not too crowded.

Best Spot To Grab A late-night dinner?

The Lawn & La Brisa

For me, late-night dinners are early in Bali — because you go to sleep early so you can wake up at 6 am and get most of the day. Two super vibey spots to get dinner and watch the sunset are “The Lawn”, and “La Brisa” in Caangu.

It’s all about watching the sunset in Bali, everyone gets together for sunset, beers, and some food. If you go to The Lawn or La Brisa it’s perfect for groups and you order a bunch of different small plates and share while you relish in your day. Every day is paradise there! Both spots have pools and overlook the ocean, La Brisa is this little spot that reminds me of if you were in a fantasy movie of being cast away on an island with a bunch of fun people. It’s magical.

Best Bar To Grab A Drink?

Finns Beach Club

I love going to Finns, it has a massive pool overlooking the ocean, with a DJ playing. You can watch the surf, have a drink in the pool and stay as long as you want.

Best Place In Bali To Catch A Great View?

Sunset Point *& Single Fin

I think the best place for a view in Bali, is wherever you can watch the sunset, two best places are Sunset point in Uluwatu, a super casual family-run spot off the beaten path, or at “Single Fin”, a spot in Uluwatu that has amazing surf and the best sunsets.

Favorite Thing To Do In Bali?

Live the island life

My favorite thing to do in Bali is to enjoy the feel of the island. Everyone there seems to be in this magic headspace and never wants to leave because it feels like this paradise that meets all your needs if your needs include meeting amazing travelers, surfing, massages, great food, sunsets, perfect weather.

One Thing People Visiting Bali Must-Do?


If you go to Bali, you MUST try surfing, even if you’ve never been on a board. There are tons of spots for beginners and it’s such a nice community.