Chris Evans And Ana De Armas Are Happy They Can Finally Play Characters Who Actually ‘Like Each Other’

It seems like Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are always out promoting movies together because they kind of are. The duo has starred alongside each other three times since 2019, and they are finally able to actually like each other for once, which must be hard because Chris Evans is so notoriously hard to like. That was a joke, to be clear. Just look at him in his little sweater.

Evans has always been publicly supportive of de Armas after the two starred alongside each other in Knives Out, then last year’s Netflix action flick The Gray Man. Even though he didn’t want to pop in for a little SNL cameo while de Armas was hosting last week, the two are out promoting their latest film Ghosted. Evans is glad that not only are the two stars alongside each other again, but their characters actually like each other. Weird, right?

“It was nice, with this movie we finally got to interact in a more playful, banter-y sort of way,” Evans told People. In the film, de Armas plays an art curator who has a date with a well-intentioned farmer (Evans) who tries to impress her after being ghosted, only to realize that she is actually a secret agent. Dating is hard.

De Armas said the two finally got “to like each other” in a movie, which has not really happened before. “In Knives Out we’re obviously adversarial,” Evans added. “The second film, Gray Man, we didn’t have anything together, so this was fun to actually get to have some repartee and explore that type of movie.”

Evans also admitted how impressed he is with de Armas’ work ethic, considering the fact that he gets to churn out a hit movie every once in a while and then retreat from the spotlight. “Ana never stops working. She’s just right onto the next one. Meanwhile, I disappear into Massachusetts,” the actor joked. Hey, it’s always worth it when his Boston accent starts to shine.

Ghosted begins streaming on AppleTV+ on April 21st.

(Via People)