Jason Momoa May Be Wrapping Up His Time As Aquaman And Moving On To Another DC Character

This week brought news of a massive shake-up at DC Studios as James Gunn prepares to unveil his sprawling 10-yea plans for the franchise. Tucked inside The Hollywood Reporter‘s bombshell report on Gunn and co-chief Peter Safran pulling the plug on Wonder Woman 3 is an interesting little nugget about Jason Momoa. The actor is still putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which may be his last time as the aquatic character.

According to several insiders, Aquaman will be the final project shoved out the door by the previous regime and what’s shaping up to to be the last vestige of the Snyderverse whose presence at DC Studios appears to be rapidly dwindling. However, in an unprecedented move, Momoa could be making the jump to another DC Comics character: The “foul-mouthed cigar-chomping intergalactic bounty hunter” Lobo.

Via THR:

Whether or not Momoa does play everybody’s favorite bastich, Lobo emerging as a rising character early on in the conversation may point to the kinds of characters the Gunn-Safran team may be focusing on. The character is an outsider, an anti-hero, and is keeping in line with Gunn’s specialty of taking the off-beat and quirky and flipping it into crowd-pleasing fare.

Interestingly, the Lobo news jibes with recent public comments by both Momoa and Gunn. Last month, Momoa revealed that one of his “dreams come true” will be happening over at DC Studios, and Gunn recently teased fans by sharing that his Spotify Wrapped list contained a hint to his secret DC project. After noticing a heavy amount of rock, particularly “Sleaze Rock,” fans filled up Gunn’s replies with speculation that the writer/director would be bringing Lobo to the DC Universe.

Gunn has yet to address the THR report, but given his penchant for openly communicating with fans, it should only be a matter of time until we get some concrete answers from the man himself.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)