Chance The Rapper And Joey Badass Give A Soulful Performance Of ‘The High & The Lows’ At The 2022 BET Awards

Chance The Rapper had particular quiet years in 2020 and 2021, but this year, the Chicago rapper has been making noise throughout 2022. Following the mixed review that his debut album, The Big Day, received, Chance has certainly found his form again and it’s clear through the records he released this year. These examples include “A Bar About A Bar,” “Wraith” with Vic Mensa, and “Child Of God.” Another one comes through “The Highs & The Lows,” his recently released collaboration with Joey Badass. A couple of weeks after the song’s release, Chance and Joey brought their talents to the 2022 BET Awards for the song’s debut performance.

The duo’s performance was quite the soulful one as Chance led the way with a powerful rendition of his verse. He then cleared the way for Joey to step in for his own verse, one that was adlibbed by an extremely spirited Chance. The performance comes as both Chance and Joey prepare to release new albums to their fans.

Chance previously confirmed that his next project was on the way around the release of “Child Of God.” “They all come from a space of me finally feeling empowered and me finally feeling ready to go speak on all the things that I think about,” he said about the project’s songs according to the Chicago Sun-Times. “This project does explore a lot darker themes than I have in the past couple of projects. But, it’s all still from a place of understanding that it’s all a process.”

Joey Badass, on the other hand, intended to release his third album 2000 last week, but sample clearances forced him to delay its release. So far, that project is led by “The Revenge” and “Head High.”

You can watch Chance and Joey perform “The Highs & The Lows” in the video above.