Doechii Dropped A Freestyle To Beyoncé’s ‘America Has A Problem,’ Further Pledging Her Allegiance To The ‘Beyhive’

Beyoncé’s Beyhive runs deep. As A-list celebrities like Selena Gomez turn out in droves to her Renaissance World Tour, others like musician Doechii pledged her allegiance from within the confines of a recording studio: The TDE signee has dropped a buzz-worthy freestyle over Beyoncé’s song “America Has A Problem.”

Doechii initially teased the track on TikTok back in March, leading fans to believe she would appear on the song’s official remix. However, the slot went to her former label mate Kendrick Lamar. Either way, after weeks of waiting for the complete version of the track, she surprised fans by uploading it onto her official YouTube channel. Tthe track contained witty bars and flairs of her hard-to-hide confidence. But one section in particular caught listeners’ attention.

Fans are speculating that the final few bars are a direct shot at Lola Brooke. In it, Doechii raps, “How you turn a 100 fans into a 100 bands? / How you turn a 100 bands into a 100 M’s.” That latter is a reference to the Brooklyn native’s breakout song “Don’t Play Wit It” featuring Billy B.

The stanza continues, “How you from the North and claimin’ you a croc b*tch,” as one of Lola Brooke’s nicknames is “Big Gator.” Doechii closed the verse by rapping, “How you bitin’ on the one and only swamp bitch? / I see a lotta b*tches, I don’t see a lotta stars / I hear a lot of rappers, I don’t hear a lot of bars / I see a lot of plastic, I don’t see a lot of barbz / I see a lot of digits, I don’t care about the charge.”

Listen to the whole track above.