Doja Cat Lost 200,000 Followers On Instagram Since Voicing Her Frustrations About Noah Schnapp

The world has been enjoying the new season of Stranger Things, and it’s affected some more than others — just ask Kate Bush who was the world “Running Up That Hill.” For Doja Cat, the fourth season of Stranger Things had a different impact on her as it gave her someone new to swoon over, that being actor Joseph Quinn. In hopes of sparking a new romance in her life, Doja inquired about Quinn in an Instagram private message to Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp. However, things went a bit left as Schnapp ended up sharing the DMs in a TikTok he posted.

Doja voiced her complaints about Schnapp’s move in a live broadcast, calling his decision to share the private messages “borderline snake sh*t” and “weasel sh*t.” This is after she noted that Schnapp is “a kid” and “when you’re that young, you make mistakes. You do dumb sh*t.” Her comments have seemingly backfired on Doja as she’s lost 200,000 followers on Instagram since her livestream, according to Daily Mail. This is a relatively small number compared to Doja’s now 24.14 million followers (about 0.8 percent), so the impact won’t be too much for the Planet Her artist on the social front.

However, while Doja lost followers, Schnapp has seen an increase of nearly a million Instagram followers, as his count went from 24.25 million to 25.17 million, according to social media analytics company Social Blade. That actually puts Schnapp ahead of Doja on that front. The uptick is most likely because of the new Stranger Things season, but the Doja incident surely helped the boost in some way.