Drake’s Early-Career Lyric Book Is Now Up For Auction With A Lofty Asking Price

This year has been yet another momentous one for rap superstar Drake. Despite a few distasteful rap bars aimed at Megan Thee Stallion, the rehashing of an old beef with singer DRAM, and a lawsuit from Vogue magazine, the certified lover boy has had a great year. His latest collaborative album, Her Loss, with 21 Savage, earned one billion streams, and he surpassed Eminem to become the highest-selling artist in terms of singles.

However, there’s still one element of his craft, at least in the public’s eye, he perhaps hasn’t mastered — songwriting. Drake has praised other recording artists like SZA for her songwriting abilities and even spoke about the writing process with 21 Savage on their album. Still, since Meek Mill alleged recording artist Quentin Miller wrote all of Drake’s raps, it has stained his work in many people’s eyes. TMZ is stepping in to show that the Toronto native has always been a songwriter at heart.

The outlet got its hands on a few images of Drake’s early lyric books, which are now up for auction thanks to the charity, Moments In Time. Fans of the entertainer can purchase the item starting at $20,000.

Retrieved from the dumpster of Drake’s uncle’s Memphis furniture factory, the lucky purchaser will own several pages of handwritten lyrics from Drake. One of the pages revealed the lyrics to a song called “Come Spring,” which would later become “Come Winter” off his debut mixtape Room For Improvement.

Now that Drake and Meek Mill have reunited and with this lyric book sale, we wonder if the rumor of Drake not writing his own music will die off.