Frank Ocean Has Released A Pair Of Long-Awaited Singles, ‘Dear April’ And ‘Cayendo’

The disappearing act that is Frank Ocean has been a bit more active in recent months, leading optimistic fans to believe that an album is on the way. It began when Frank shared “DHL” in October, a track that served as his first release in two years. A few weeks later, he returned again with another new song, “In My Room.” Anticipation for a new album increased once again when Frank was announced as a headliner for Coachella’s 2020 Festival alongside Travis Scott and Rage The Machine.

Now Ocean is releasing new music again. Sharing two new songs with fans, Frank continues his recent generosity with fans thanks to “Dear April” and “Cayendo.”

According to Complex, “Dear April” and “Cayendo” were originally played at his debut PReP+ queer dance party back in October along with mixes from Justice and Sango respectively. After excitement about the songs ensued, Frank Ocean decided to make the songs available to fans, allowing them to receive the individual tracks as a vinyl release when they pre-ordered his Arca remix of “Little Demon” with Skepta.

After numerous shipping delays, fans over the past couple of days began to receive confirmation emails that the records were on the way. Split up as two separate vinyls, “Dear April” appeared on one vinyl with A-side being the studio version and the B-side holding Justice’s remix. The same goes for “Cayendo” as the A-side is also the studio version while the B-side bears Sango’s remix. Fans who purchased the vinyls were also given a redemption code to access a digital download of the songs. A week after fans received their vinyls, Frank Ocean uploaded the acoustic versions to streaming services.

Snippets of the Justice and Sango’s remixes can be heard here. Press play on the videos above to hear the acoustic versions of “Dear April” and “Cayendo.”