Is Drake’s ‘Scary Hours 3’ Coming Soon?

Update 11/16/23: In the early morning hours on November 16, Drake announced that Scary Hours 3 would arrive on November 17. He shared the news with a trailer that captures nighttime footage of a city before Drake himself appears to enter a theater and watch an orchestra perform. You can read more information on Scary Hours 3 here.

Originial Article 10/5/23: Even with Drake’s newest album just hours away from release (theoretically), it looks like his fans can’t help but speculate about what else he’s got up his sleeve. While For All The Dogs is scheduled to drop this Friday, October 6 (less than twelve hours away as of this writing), there’s already a rumor going around that the third installment of his EP series Scary Hours is already on the way. As with many Drake rumors, it started with a cryptic post of his on social media — in this case, an Instagram Story reading, “Scary Hours for those who remain sleepless after all these years… shall we begin?”

Is Drake’s ‘Scary Hours 3’ Coming Soon?

Considering that Drake had to make a choice between finishing his tour and finishing For All The Dogs (choosing the album and pushing back its release date in the process), it seems unlikely that Drake has been simultaneously working on a second project. After all, such a release would probably only take attention from his new album — something that would be pretty counterproductive after the months he’s spent seeding excitement for it.

However, given the timing of the post, it was more likely a last-second promo for his new single “8AM In Charlotte.” Considering his propensity for the late-night recording sessions that often spawn his so-called “timestamp songs,” he was probably hyping fans up its release. Of course, given Twitter users’ fondness for deciphering clues (even ones that aren’t there) and taking practically everything literally, it seems that the figurative “scary hours” — i.e., Drake’s favored time for wrapping up projects with these freestyles — were mistaken for a reference to the Scary Hours EPs. He had certainly been teasing one back in June 2022.

Either way, it’s looking spooky out there for Drake haters as he preps the launch of his eighth studio album, just weeks before Halloween.