Nas And Hit-Boy Announce The Release Date For ‘King Disease III’

Who’d have thunk that an album named after gout would not only rejuvenate a rap legend’s career and win a Grammy but would also spawn not just one but two sequels? That’s right: Nas and Hit-Boy are returning to the well one more time with King’s Disease III, which they just announced is dropping on November 11. Nas and Hit-Boy both shared what looks like the album cover on Twitter. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep the chemistry that made their last three projects together — both previous King’s Disease installments and 2021’s Magic — such fan favorites.

This makes for an impressive run for both artists. Nas has never released more than two albums in as many years, and the last time he dropped in consecutive years was literally 20 years ago. Meanwwhile, Hit-Boy has heavily contributed to projects from Benny The Butcher, Cordae, and Dom Kennedy at the same time. It also appears that working with Hit-Boy has sparked Nas’ creativity overall; we’ve gotten more new music from him this year via features with ASAP Rocky, Cordae, DJ Premier, and YG than we did in the last handful of years prior.

You can check out more of Nas and Hit-Boy’s creative chemistry on 11/11 via Mass Appeal.