Nick Jonas Shades Drake While Pushing A New Conspiracy Theory, ‘The Jonas Blessing’

For the first time in a while, Drake stayed away from making any sports predictions this championship season which helped lay the Drake Curse theories to rest for at least the next year. However, Nick Jonas from The Jonas Brother unearthed the curse after hopping on Twitter to propose a new conspiracy theory while throwing a bit of shade at Drake, and based on the evidence he provided for his theory, this writer believes you all should at least listen to what Nick has to say.

In his video, Nick stated that despite the Los Angeles Dodgers’ World Series win on Tuesday night, people failed to mention the “very very obvious theme here.” The theme he goes on to mention the recent success athletes have when they attend a Jonas Brothers concert. He pointed to a September 2019 Kansas City show that Kansas City Cheifs quarterback Patrick Mahomes attended, a December 2019 Arizona show that Los Angeles Dodgers first basemen Cody Bellinger went to, and a February 2020 Paris show that Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton attended. Months after their respective shows, Mahomes went on to win the Super Bowl, Bellinger won the World Series with the Dodgers, and Hamilton landed his 92nd Formula One win, the most in Formula One history.

At this point, the evidence speaks for itself and Nick is aware of this as he labeled the conspiracy theory as a “Jonas Blessing.” “Listen up,” Nick said as he concluded the video. “The key to success is to come to a Jonas Brothers show. It’s basically the reverse of a Drake curse, let’s call it the Jonas Blessing.” He also added that the key to success resides in some of the bands’ classic records. “Just remember, it’s not about how hard you practice [or] how naturally gifted you are. It’s about ‘Year 3000,’ ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes,’ ‘SOS,’ of course ‘Sucker.'”

You can come up with your own conclusion to the Jonas Blessing by watching the video above.