Pete Davidson Reportedly Found Kanye West’s ‘Eazy’ Video ‘Hysterical’ And ‘Ridiculous’

Although Kanye West’s macabre, stop-motion animation video for his and the Game’s new song “Eazy” has ruffled a lot of feathers on the internet, even prompting a response from the artist himself arguing for his right to express himself artistically, at least person — arguably, the person who should be most offended by it — reportedly found it pretty darn amusing.

Pete Davidson, whom Kanye targeted in the video with a claymation effigy that gets kidnapped, buried, and turned into a planter, found Kanye’s video “hysterical,” according to Entertainment Tonight Online. A source told ET that not is Pete “not threatened by Kanye in any way, shape or form,” but that he also “finds the fact that Kanye included a cartoon version of him in his music video hysterical. He is almost flattered by it all because it is so ridiculous to him.”

Kanye’s anger at the comedian stems from the fact that Davidson has been dating Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s ex-wife, for the past several months as the couple takes opposing views on their ongoing divorce. While West wants to reconcile, Kardashian has expressed repeatedly she has no desire to do so, even going so far as to request the court expedite the legal status of their split — which was granted last week, on the same day Kanye shared the “Eazy” video on Instagram.

Kanye’s since taken down the video, replacing it with his post denying that it was a legitimate threat to Davidson. Meanwhile, ETOnline reports that Pete and Kim have decided that the video is an obvious bid to cause friction between them but say it’s done just the opposite, bringing them closer together as Kanye keeps attacking both via social media.