Problem And Wiz Khalifa Have Legal Weed ‘4 The Low’ In Their New Video

Compton native Problem recently became the latest rapper-turned-entrepreneur to swap his street hustle for the legal weed game. In the video for his new single “4 The Low,” he’s joined by fellow purple purveyor Wiz Khalifa as the two cannabis entrepreneurs tout their wares. Along the bottom of the screen, a cable-news-style scroll displays fictional weed stocks rising and lets Problem detail the journey from hood hustler to legitimate businessman, as told by Bay Area skunk salesman Berner.

Problem’s Coffee & Kush initiative cross-branded his three favorite things to expand his brand with multiple mixtapes bearing the title and his own lines of both java and Mary Jane. Meanwhile, Wiz’s Khalifa Kush is one of the more recognizable rapper-fronted brands and he’s expanded into a delivery-only restaurant called HotBox By Wiz, displaying a bit of savvy synergy in capitalizing on smoke-inspired munchies with a convenient snack brand.

While both rappers are past their Billboard chart-topping heydays, they’ve eased into a more relaxed schedule of sharing singles and features with their like-minded peers that seems to suit their chosen lifestyle. Wiz recently appeared on 03 Greedo’s new single “Substance” and Tyla Yaweh’s “All The Smoke” with Gunna. Meanwhile, Problem recently featured on Lou Phelps’ “Nike Shoe Box” remix.

Watch Problem and Wiz Khalifa’s “4 The Low” video above.