Snot Is Not Okay In His Contemplative ‘Life’ Video

Snot’s streaming of videos from Beautiful Havoc continues with one of his most personal tracks from the Florida rapper’s sophomore album, “Life.” Contemplating the difficulties of living with himself, Snot admits, “I just wanna chill by myself ’cause I’m not okay.”

In the video, Snot stares out a bedroom window during a storm, watching his child doppelganger drive off in a station wagon. Elsewhere, Snot wanders through a field alone holding a pistol, which he points at another double of himself in a surreal, self-destructive murder-suicide. At the end of the video, though, his dark thoughts are interrupted by his child self embracing him, prompting a smile and a friendly wave out the window.

“Life” brings the total of videos from the project to seven. Snot kicked off the deluge in September with “Revenge,” then followed up a month later with the Flo Milli-featuring “Mean.” Although his next single, “Sangria” featuring Denzel Curry, was released ahead of the album drop, Snot’s frantic video for the track didn’t arrive until February this year.

Between then and now, Snot pushed out three more videos: The violent “Who Do I Trust,” the antisocial “Watch Out,” and the Iann Dior-featuring romp, “Like Me.”

Watch Snot’s ‘Life’ video above.

Snot is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.