Wendy’s Has Beef With The Restaurant Game And Makes It Known With An Actual Mixtape

Via Twitter

Beef has long been almost essential an element of hip-hop as the it is to the fast food business but now, the two meanings have merged thanks to an inexplicable, yet ridiculously entertaining mixtape from none other than Wendy’s. That’s right, Wendy’s, the burger joint, the one that’s near-constantly bucking shots at their fry-slinging rivals on Twitter; they’ve taken all that Twitter beef, mashed down into a patty, and served up a hot, fresh helping of surprisingly deft lyrical goodness with We Beefin’?, and it’s honestly, pretty darn good.

The beats are very modern, with trap drums underpinning lines about broken ice cream machines and duplicated recipes, and while there’s no word yet on just who the young lady is spitting flame on the EP’s five tracks (fingers crossed it’s the person who runs their Twitter, bringing the whole magnificent thing full circle like a perfectly-sliced tomato), she sure leaves an impression — like leaving char marks on a perfectly well-done burger. “Wendy” directly addresses the competition on “Holding It Down,” taking the spicy turf talk from the company’s Twitter and twisting them into sizzling disses that might leave McDonald’s, Burger King, and Dairy Queen in their feelings. The only downside is that whoever concocted this zany idea missed out on the opportunity to include a Bun B feature.

This isn’t the first time a brand has ventured into the world of sponsored rap-related content. Hamburger Helper also dropped a mixtape a couple of years ago that turned out to be surprisingly hot, although that one was more of a compilation. We Beefin? is all “Wendy,” and with the surprising quality of the tape I wouldn’t be surprised if fans wind up hungry for more.