When Does Drake’s Kevin Durant-Approved NOCTA ‘Basketball’ Collection Come Out?

Drake’s love of basketball is well-documented, from his friendships with NBA stars to his noted gambling habit to his alleged purchase of $100,000 rings to celebrate a championship win in his rec league.

So, it’s only natural that his clothing line with Nike, NOCTA, would eventually get a line of basketball apparel and gear, along with a campaign featuring NBA all-star Kevin Durant. Durant previously appeared in Drake’s “Laugh Now, Cry Later” video featuring Lil Durk, which was shot at Nike’s Oregon headquarters campus. Here’s how you can get your hands on the new collection before it inevitably sells out and ends up on StockX for triple the price.

You can pull up (heh) on Nocta.com to check out the options currently in stock, which include basketball jerseys (of course) and shorts (absolutely), basketballs (naturally), shoes (they are Zoom Flight 95s, fam, just get those instead), base layer tops (why not), shooting sleeves (alright), socks (sure), and a “sideline trench” jacket (oh… kay). There are also tights, briefs, and caps if you want to go all out on the Drake-branded apparel thing, and a $400 Goretex rain jacket, which — where the hell are you planning to play? The usual assortment of sweats, tees, and the like are also on display, including pants with a Swarovski crystal Swoosh logo.

Dog, I swear, if you show up at a run with those on, you better play like Kevin Durant. Guys around my way aren’t having it.

Starting November 8 at 7 am PT / 10 am ET, you can also grab everything (except those crystal pants, I’m warning you, don’t do it) on the SNKRS app.