Why Is Ice Spice Being Sued?

Ice Spice squeezed an entire celebrity arc since leaping onto the scene with “Munch” in late 2022. The Bronx, New York-bred rapper has gotten into an ultimately harmless public spat with Drake, befriended Taylor Swift, delivered a successful debut EP, netted three top-10 Billboard Hot 100 singles (“Karma” with Swift, “Boy’s A Liar, Pt. 2” with PinkPantheress, and “Princess Diana” with Nicki Minaj), attended the Met Gala, served as the musical guest on SNL, and landed a forthcoming Super Bowl commercial (after already co-starring in a commercial with Ben Affleck).

But the most recent development officially solidifies Ice Spice as an A-lister.

Why Is Ice Spice Being Sued?

On Wednesday, January 17, TMZ reported that someone named D.Chamberz is suing Ice Spice for her “In Ha Mood” single, citing “copyright infringement” because he claims “he wrote, recorded and released a song called ‘In That Mood’ a year before her famous single.”

TMZ’s report continues, “According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, D.Chamberz says he released his song on all major digital platforms in January 2022, and he thinks Ice Spice’s producer heard it on the radio way before her song came out. He claims Ice Spice’s song copies the beat, lyrics, hook, rhythmic structure, metrical placement, and narrative context of his track.”

D.Chamberz asserts that he performed his song “dozens of times” in New York City, “near where Ice and her producer, Riot, reside.” But D.Chamberz isn’t deterred if Ice Spice and Riot didn’t attend any of his performances because he also believes “it’s more than likely” that Riot would have heard his song on New York City’s Hot 97, “and he says there are social media receipts” to prove it.

Ice Spice released “In Ha Mood” in January 2023, and it peaked at No. 58 on the Hot 100 on the chart dated March 25, 2023.