Why Were Diddy’s Homes In Los Angeles & Miami Raided?

Yesterday (March 25), Diddy’s Miami and Los Angeles mansions were simultaneously raided by Homeland Security. According to the outlet that broke the story, Fox’s Los Angeles affiliate, law enforcement allegedly rushed the properties from all angles: on foot, by plane, and by boat (at the Miami property).

Various reports vaguely detail who was present during the incident. However, the overwhelming majority speculates that despite Diddy’s sons Justin and Christian “King” Combs being present and supposedly detained, their father allegedly was nowhere to be found (which kicked off an inquiry into his flight activity).

But what jump-started officials’ takeover of Diddy’s properties? Was it Cassie’s explosive lawsuit? Did it have something to do with Rodney “Lil Rod Madeit” Jones’s claims and subsequent court filing?

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Why Were Diddy’s Homes In Los Angeles & Miami Raided?

In a statement shared with TMZ, a source didn’t provide much detail about the incident, only confirming the raid. “Earlier today, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New York executed law enforcement actions as part of an ongoing investigation, with assistance from HSI Los Angeles, HSI Miami, and our local law enforcement partners,” read the note. “We will provide further information as it becomes available.”

However, an insider revealed to the New York Post that the raid was connected to the sex traffic allegations made against Diddy (which he denies). The same source told the outlet that the federal officers had one pressing priority — “seize Diddy’s phones and computers.”

It is unclear at this moment just what prompted the investigation. For now, those interested in finding the truth should await further details from law enforcement agencies.