Looks Like Ariana Grande Is Launching Her Own Makeup Line Called ‘R.E.M. Beauty’

Never one to rest and sit back on her laurels, Ariana Grande is apparently already back in the game. But, this time it’s not the studio she’s hitting but the makeup counter. Even though Ari’s had her fair share of beauty collabs in the past — including an ever-growing number of perfumes — this time she’s doubling down in a much bigger way. It’s been rumored that Grande was planning to launch her own collection, R.E.M. Beauty, and today the URL and social media handles on platforms like Twitter and Instagram all went live.

Considering Ariana seems to be in a settling down phase of her career – getting married, at her own house no less, and taking some time to appear as a judge on The Voice — it makes perfect sense for her to start a beauty company right now. If the success of Fenty Beauty has shown us anything, it’s that there’s even more money in makeup than pop songs, and other artists like Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga have followed suit without flooding the market. Keep an eye on those new social media handles for an exact launch date, but with the cat out of the bag already, it looks like the company will be coming very soon.