Predicting Super Bowl 50, And Remembering Our Favorite Peyton And Cam Cartoons

02.04.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

The Super Bowl is the most excessive major sporting event of the year. Nothing holds a candle to it. Nobody calls for a national holiday after the NBA Finals. Nobody gets excited for the commercials during the World Series. The Super Bowl is a tribute to itself almost as much as it is the final game of the greatest sport our nation has. And this is the 50th one. A half century has led to this game, years of hype, months of preparation, and dozens of mistakes (a Coldplay halftime show? Really? That’s who they choose for the 50th Super Bowl?). There is so much about the Super Bowl that isn’t even about the actual game. Which is actually a good thing. Because the game is probably going to suck.

Maybe “suck” is the wrong term to use, but if you want to see a crazy, high scoring fun-fest, this game is not going to deliver. It has all the makings of a boring defensive struggle, which is really only interesting to football nerds and old people who drone on about how the league doesn’t let anyone play football anymore.

This game is going to have one of three outcomes:

1. The Panthers blow out the Broncos
2. The Panthers barely beat the Broncos in a low-scoring physical game
3. The Broncos barely beat the Panthers in a low-scoring physical game

That’s it.

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